As simple as it sounds, this is something we should all carefully take time to think about.

Idea FunHouse

The balloon needs air. The more air gets pumped into it, the bigger it gets 鈥 at least, until it reaches its elastic limit or someone shows up with a needle鈥

Logic is a lot like that. As it makes sense to more people, it becomes more solid. Until a javelin is thrown at it.

The punctured balloon fast loses air, or worse, it bursts. So you are afraid of speaking up because you鈥檙e not sure your logic will fly.

This is the age of deflated logic. We need people who will do what they believe in, come hell or a million javelins. People who deeply care about one thing so much they don鈥檛 care whether others share similar opinions. They just want to get it done.

If it has to make sense before you move, it would be too late already. Facebook makes sense now. But its already late鈥

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