Are you satisfied?

Jennifer is 15 years old, she is in SS 2.

It’s graduation day at her school and she sits at the back of the school hall staring at the graduands, wishing with all that she had that she could be among them, she feels like she’s been in secondary school all her life, she is so tired of been forced to attend classes and been told what to do every minute of the day, she can’t wait for university when she can do whatever she wants and attend classes whenever she wants, she wonders if it will ever be over.

Fast forward  one year, its Jessica’s first day at university, she walks purposefully around campus going about her registration proceedings, a little scared but very excited to be here finally, she looks around in awe and speaks to other new students, making friends.

Two years later, Jessica walks across campus from a class to the cafeteria and watches the young men and women who are celebrating their convocation, she imagines how excited they would be and envys them, she wishes she could be one of them, she really can’t believe university is taking so long, she conveniently forgets that she has been there for less than three years, she just wants to be done with it, she knows once she’s done with university, her life will totally fall into place.

Finally! Jessica takes a deep breath and walks into the NYSC orientation camp, her heart beats fast as she wonders what the three weeks are going to hold, she finishes her registration, gets her kit, makes 2 friends and together they find a room, Jessica is proud to finally be here. Two days later, Jessica walks into her room after the morning drills totally tired of the camp, she wants to get out of there and go home, together with her friends, she began to count down to when they’d leave the camp, they talked about it all the time. The day they left camp, Jessica and her friends were ecstatic, they felt like they had just been released from prison, surely their lives would fall into place now.

Its July and “Batch B” corps members are passing out, Jessica and her friends are so jealous, NYSC is cramping their style so much, holding them back, they just needed for it to end and then they could just start their lives; they were so sure they’d get jobs immediately after. It couldn’t be any way else.

Six months after NYSC, Jessica walks into her office at the PR agency, goes through the motions of settling in and wonders how long this is going to go on, is she going to be doing this always? It felt like she had been doing it forever, she felt herself getting bored.

Now the big question is “ARE WE EVER SATISFIED?”

We go through different stages of our lives thinking the next one will hold the answers and make us happy but then we tire of it quickly.

Or is that just me?


©Adeola Matemilola 2012

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4 thoughts on “Are you satisfied?

  1. Emem says:

    Truth is we actually ar neva satisfied, man is an insatiable being,wen I say ‘man’ I mean mankind…no wonda its so hard most times to stay faithful ion marriage….we alwys want more…..*js sayin

  2. Fikayo says:

    The truth is that we human have this insatiable cravings of wanting what is best for us. Which it is not wrong.. Having a misplaced believe or priority on the fact that life is in stages and should be savoured is the main issue.. About us being satisfisted.. We can’t be. Keeping a simply eye and standing firm in God’s sure end for us would keep the insatiable cravings on check.

  3. pat says:

    That is life for you. Generations go and generations come. Life goes full circle. The only way to enjoy life is to see life as now then nejoy it to the fullest possible

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