A Lonely Night


“This is my temporary home, it’s not where I belong, windows and rooms that I’m passing through, this is just a stop on the way to where I’m going, I’m not afraid because I know, this is my temporary home”

My room, my house, my space, my own,
Dinner for one, music I like, dancing with myself
A feeling of immense satisfaction filling my heart and mind and I laugh at myself for getting a dance move wrong

My mind wanders back in time to another time in another place when I got the same dance move wrong and my friends and I laughed so hard, our sides hurt
I smile fondly to myself, thinking how I miss them so

Tonight, I’m alone in my room, with just those memories for company,
Introducing them to new ones I’m making, albeit with myself,
I look to a future time when I will share these memories with my friends,
Thereby making it theirs as much as mine

Tonight, I’m alone, but I have my memories for company; past, present and future
Therefore, though I am alone, I am never lonely


17 thoughts on “A Lonely Night

  1. kanmi says:

    Serzly I am overwhelmed by ur maturity, ur swift yet vivid power of description. This article is so close to a lot of us cos it reminds us of hw much we r all alike. Great work

  2. Niyi says:

    I agree with Kanmi, that could very much be me writing this.
    You do know know you arent alone right? Well, your last line says it all 🙂
    Stay strong!

  3. Nice piece, next time, dance in front of a mirror, its more fun, and you can make crazy faces to your friend in the mirror, to cap it, u can blast crazy rock on your ipod at an ear bursting volume while you pride yourself with moves like jagger. . . . .Only problem is you might not hear the serial killer come in through the front door.

    • thank you Dolu! there’s a poem you showed me or sent to me one time that I really loved, I would like to put it on here.
      It’s a love poem, guy came back from work unexpectedly and it was raining, do you remember it?

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