An Almost Love Story


We’re like fire and rain
Like Venus and Mars
You drive me insane
And I think I do the same for you,
Sometimes, I know for sure, other times, I think I imagine it

I struggle hard not to make too much of the fact that you just called to ask me out for lunch…
I tell myself “it isn’t special, it’s just lunch, everybody has to eat”
When I open the door to let you in, I struggle to smile and talk easily even as your smile turns my insides all squishy,
When you take my hand, I wonder how the fire that rushes through me doesn’t consume us both

Lately, you have become my favorite problem;
I want you to hold my hand but I’m scared of the fire it brings
I want to taste your lips but I’m scared I will never want to stop
You hug me and I want to stay in your arms forever because there isn’t any place as perfect
The perfect fit of your body with mine softly whispers to me that this is meant to be

We are the perfect example of something between being and imagined…
We are the same but we are quite different,
We want the same things but we also want completely different things,
We are willing to give, but there are parts of us individually we still hold on tightly to

Are we meant to be?
Should I hold on to what is?What could be?
Or should I let go?

One thing is sure though, the next time you call to ask me out for lunch, I’ll still have to work at convincing myself that it isn’t special
And the next time you hug me, the perfect fit of our bodies will almost have me convinced that this is where I belong


18 thoughts on “An Almost Love Story

  1. Thank you so much… I have never actually written any “Love poetry” before, I did this because someone asked me to 😀 and it took a loooooong time, seriously, as short as it is.
    Everything that came to my head just kept feeling too cliche, you know.
    I got a lot a positive feedback though, so maybe I’ll try another one soon.

  2. Just read your poem along with the previous ones. Very nice work. In this piece, I liked the irony of “favorite problem.” It sorta connotes that love is work, but one we’ll all be willing to do if it proves itself worth it, and we can only know that if it makes our “insides all squishy.” Lol. I also think that you were a little less fluid in the last verse, but since you just put a comment that said you had to write about love on request, I guess that’s a prompt disclaimer that expressly acquits you of all charges. Keep it coming. Like I said, very nice work.

    • LOL… thank you very much, you’re too kind.

      I could try to re-write that last part and then I’ll send to you somehow so you’ll tell me what you think.

      Even though I’ve always avoided this subject, I’m always looking to be a better writer

  3. miss bee says:

    I agree with Kcladel….exactly my thought ,the first 6lines has a rythm to it,I would like that to reflect in the remaining lines as long as its poetry and not a narrative let’s keep the flow.Good piece too.

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