Ode to Mother Earth

They forget;
Before they were, I was
Before they took a breathe, I mastered the art
Because of me, they are
They forget to remember that without me, many parts of them would not be
I do so much for them
They do nothing for me

They pinch me,
They kick me,
They cut me;
I don’t feel anything after all
They wound me,
They don’t mind me;
I have no life, they think
They cut me down, strip me bare, continually draining my spirit
Taking more parts of me than I willingly give
And because I am powerless to fight back,
they think I do not know
they think I do not feel
they think I do not hurt

I only wish they knew
I only wish they felt
How I weep every time I am scratched, abused
And everyday as I love them more, I long for them to love me back

I was…


This post was inspired by my beautiful, intelligent sister @filshadzz


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