Dear Ex-Lover(s)

tongue out

I promise to stop chasing your shadow in my dreams

I promise to stop bringing up your name in every conversation

I promise to finally accept that God believes in second chances

I promise to finally be honest about what I feel about you… So, here goes:
I hope you hit the big toe of your right foot against a huge stone and I hope it hurts! A LOT!
I hope someone farts in an elevator just before you get on
I hope your hair starts to fall out, not all at once so you’d notice but slowly, so that by the time you’re 50, it will all be gone
I hope your next girlfriend is ugly. Oh no, I don’t mean that or do I? No, maybe… okay definitely not as beautiful as me though
I hope you get food poisoning and spend your entire birthday in the toilet leaking from both ends

And finally, I really hope you find your princess and you’re insanely happy all of your life because I already am

And I promise to never ever regret loving in permanent ink.


25 thoughts on “Dear Ex-Lover(s)

  1. Fikayo says:

    *Deep sigh* lovely piece.. 🙂 . Deep write up. Makes so much sense. Some things aren’t meant to be. But either way, we still pay the price by hitting the big toe on the right foot against a huge stone.

  2. Reblogged this on 'Kayode Bisiriyu's Notes and commented:
    I hope you get soaked by rain while attending your next business meeting… You’ll still be on time.
    I hope you get stranded in 3rd mainland bridge with no cash and battery flat.
    I hope your heels gets broken while ”raking” at a junior staff.
    :p :p :p

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