I am Stupid!


Look in the history books; every popular, notorious or well-known human did something “stupid”

Graham Bell; He believed he could speak to someone next door or in a different city… Stupid!
Hitler; He wanted to wipe out the Jews… Stupid!
Martin Luther King Jr.; He had a dream in a white man’s land… Stupid!
Even in mythology; Icaros thought he could fly… Stupid!

Genius means being genuinely/significantly “stupid”, thinking outside of what the world considers “normal”.
It is the stupid things we do that defines us.
Vary your stupidity, get it to the height where only you have mastered that kind of stupidity, then you would become a genius.

Also, me thinking like this is kinda stupid… But digest these words and you’d be sure to shout along with me…


Be the best kinda stupid you can be.

This piece was written by @9jamachine



9 thoughts on “I am Stupid!

  1. Amaka says:

    *in LMFAO’s voice* Am stupid and I know it.
    Lol read this book by Okechukwu Ofili, How stupidity saved my life. Great read, you should read it too. Corroborates your story, Stupidity is good.

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