I Love, Love, Love you! @filshadzz

I Love, Love, Love you! @filshadzz

I would recognize you anywhere; from the smoothness of your walk to the way your carry your shoulders and head high.
It’s almost like God took extra care carving you just so.

You; with your kind heart
You; with your true spirit
You; with your brilliant mind
There is just so much that sets you apart

They say a sister is an angel sent to guide us through life,
This I know to be fact because of you,
You; who make it all seem easier with just one word you speak even if it isn’t what one wants to hear
You never complain,
Instead you continue to give of yourself so selflessly

Your weird sense of humor,
Your strict values,
The way you constantly complain about getting old,
There is just so much that makes you, you.
But the one thing that stands out for me is your strength.
You chase your dreams fearlessly, fixing your gaze on the big picture,
I am eternally proud of you, baby sister.

And although it might not always seem like it, I am always here;
to try to help make life that much easier for you,
to lend a hand, a shoulder and even my spine when you need it,
to keep every secret and like every boyfriend (well, maybe)
to celebrate every milestone with you,
to dance like crazy at your wedding,
to be your friend until I am old and grey,
And when you find that your strength is failing, I’ll be here to cheer you on.

I might not always get it right but I promise to always, always try.


8 thoughts on “Sister!

  1. Chinedu says:

    Real nice and caring Sister. May I request permission to say some of these words to my Sister since I am not so good with writting my own Poem. Pllleeeaaassseeee!

  2. Zainab says:

    No doubt about it, you’re the best sister in the world! Thank you for seeing past my flaws, I know I’ve got a lot! Everything you wrote is more true about you than me but I appreciate it and love you loads too! 🙂

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