Perfect Match

I’m in Love…

Not that cliche’d can’t live without you, peanut butter and jelly kinda love,

Not that love-you-like-a-fat-kid-love-candy kinda love

It’s that kind of love that feels exactly like nothing you’ve ever felt before

It’s that reach for the stars, over the fence, world series kinda love

It’s that always have a smile on my face like I’ve got a beautiful secret kinda love

It’s that private kind of love

that only me and you are in on the secret kinda love

It’s that wanting to tell everyone I meet about you kinda love

It’s that real, never-ever dying kinda love

It’s that special special kinda love

It’s that true kinda love

from the fairy tales kinda love

It’s that freedom to be me kinda love,

It’s that able to say anything I want kinda love

You make me feel so beautiful; mind, body and soul

You take my words and turn them into perfect music

It’s that Perfect match! Me and My WordPress page!


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