Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir… Turkey

I had initially written a long diatribe to post about the goings-on in Turkey, about the blatant disregard for basic human rights; the stringent rules that a supposedly democratic government is putting in place.

Now while all that is still true, and while it is still true that this issue which began with a small group of protestors gathering outside Gezi park in Taksim located in central Istanbul to stop the demolition of a park that has been described as one of the last remaining green areas in the city, and which later increased in size and intensity due to the “attack” by the police with tear gas and high pressure water in order to displace them (wow, long sentence) does stand on a valid point (at least, originally).

And while I still agree completely with Amnesty International in that the Turkish government should apologize to the people and try to right some of the wrongs in order to placate the people and bring peace back to Turkey, because despite all that has transpired and repeated statements from the Turkish Prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, that he didn’t authorize the Police to take such actions, the sad fact is it is still going on, just today, I saw on the news that about 20 people were arrested yesterday for “spreading violence on twitter”, this just isn’t right, arrested for using twitter to talk about something you are passionate about?! If only, how many of us would have gotten arrested over the years?

Anyways, the one reason why I cannot stand behind this protests one hundred percent anymore is that now people are destroying properties, burning people’s cars and destroying stores and things like that, I know that in every war, there are casualties but why should we knowingly, destroy properties? Erdogan and his government might not be the best, they have obviously shown the world that much with these recent events but what good would destroying public properties that make life easier for everyone do? Who would that cause more pain in the long run?

I am still kind of proud of these people though for standing together to demand that things be put right, to demand that they get the full benefits of belonging to a democratic state; young and old, rich and poor, Turks and Kurds, differences have been forgotten, albeit temporarily to fight for a much bigger cause and that is commendable, and could be emulated by other so-called democratic states where things just aren’t right.

It is really sad that so many people have to lose so much to achieve something that should be theirs by right, I just hope that people do not lose sight of what it is they are fighting for, I hope they don’t go on destroying lives and properties meaninglessly.
And in keeping in line with what they are fighting and doing it right, I hope they get good results.

A good friend of mine really wanted me to lend my voice to this issue, so here’s to Hakan, I hope you get my point and I really hope all of the hurt, pain and destruction will not be in vain.


Please say something. I love reading your comments.

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