Goodbye’s (the saddest word)

So, I’ve seen this game on some blogs like here and here and I just had to do it too.

What you do is set your music player to shuffle and just answer each of these question with the title of songs that play.
Here goes…

1. If someone says ”Is this okay?”, you say?

Alcohol – Brad Paisley (oh! this is wierd!)

2. What would best describe your personality?

Daddy – Beyonce (too wierd!)

3. What do you like in a guy?

Can I live – Nick Cannon (But I really do loooove Nick Cannon)

4. How do you feel today?

She’s everything – Brad paisley

5. What’s your life’s purpose?

Where are you now – Honor Society

6. What is your motto?

Who you are – Jessie J (Absolutely perfect!!!)

7. What do your friends think of you?

Sunscreen speech song – Baz Luhrmann (not exactly a song but oh well)

8. What do you think about very often?

Strawberry wine – Deana Carter (How convenient… I really don’t though, not often)

9. What do you think of your best friend?

Ordinary People – John Legend

10. What do you think of the person you like?

How to love – Lil’Wayne

11. What is your life story?

When she wakes up (and finds me gone) – Tim Mcgraw

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I’m gonna love you through it – Martina Mcbride

13. What do your parents think of you?

The Lazy song – Bruno Mars (LMAO there is no way!)

14. Wedding dance song?

Yes/No – Banky W (Na so!)

15. What do you think when you see the person you like?

Stay Stay Stay – Taylor Swift (aaawwwww)

16. Funeral song?

When I was your man – Bruno Mars (Really?!)

17. Hobby?

Like my mother does – Lauren Alaina

18. Biggest secret?

Should’ve kissed you – Chris Brown (Right on!)

19. What do you think of your friends?

Little Moments -Brad Paisley

20. Worst thing that could happen?

Fimile (Remix) – Dark Poet (uummmm I dunno)

21. Does anyone like you?

I’m yours – Jason Mraz

22. What makes you laugh?

Greatest Love of all – Whitney Houston (I do have a huge smile on face singing this song)

23. Go back in time, what would you change?

The Future – Ty Bello (LOL)

24. Why will you get married?

Cold Weather – Zac Brown Band

25. What will you name this post?

Goodbye’s (the saddest word) – Celine Dion (and it really is)

This was uber fun, I was laughing so hard through out, some of the songs were so spot on, it was ridiculous, others were just plain ridiculous.
I hope you have as much fun reading it.


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