Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairy tale,
From the moment I walked up to you, you smiled, I smiled

You took my hand and we walked, just walked

We talked about everything and anything, we couldn’t stop

We laughed, so hard everything else disappeared and we didn’t even know we were laughing

The entire world all but disappeared, I know it sounds cliche and sappy but the world really did disappear

It was just you and me, walking, talking, laughing

We saw a movie, do you remember what it was because I don’t
I remember where we sat in the movie theater though, I remember exactly where we sat
I remember…

Do you remember what movie we saw because I don’t
I remember never wanting it to end though, because then we would have to move
I remember…

Today… That day… was a day made in heaven, specially for us
I didn’t want it to end
Although I don’t remember what movie we saw or even what day it was
A fairytale it was

And this will always be our song
Do you remember this? Because I do


4 thoughts on “Today was a fairytale

  1. First of, you shouldn’t have drank too much before your date came for you, secondly, thats amnesia you toying with, my advice? See someone….As in, i cant place why young girls have short term memory nowadays, even the other day, Rihanna kept asking Drake what her name was, did he name her?

    • I was shaking my head really slowly while reading this comment and thinking about what to say in response and I still don’t know what to say to you… You, my friend are just special. LOL

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