Liebster Blog Award

Wow!!! I had not ever imagined I’d be nominated for an award, especially seeing as recently I’ve had a real blogging downtime. I do want to say a huge thank you to dasweetestgallever, you keep saying you’re a new blogger but you’re awesome! You tell stories in a way that just captivates.


Although I have been seeing the Liebster award nominations on plenty of blogs, I never really understood what it was about, so today, I thought I’d find out more.

Liebster means “dearest” or “favorite” in German, and it’s an award given to up-and-coming blogs of less than 200 followers (that’s me!).
Although it isn’t a formal sort of award, nobody presents you with an award or shakes your hand, it’s still amazing to be thought of as someone who deserves to get an award. And some people might argue that it’s just sort of a chain mail thing, but I think it’s a really nice way to get to know fellow blogger and fun as well.

This nomination does come with a set of rules and they are as follows:
1. First you thank the person that nominated you pasting a link back to their blog

2. Answer the questions they have asked you.

3. Write down 11 random facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 11 other people.

5. Ask the nominees 11 questions.

6. Then let them know you have nominated them.

This might seem like just 6 questions but it’s really a lot… oh well, should be fun.

So here goes…
1. thank the person that nominated you and post a link back to their blog. (Done that!) Thank you so much dasweetestgallever, you’re awesome!

2.Answer the questions they have asked you.
What is your real name? – Like most Nigerians, I do have lots of names, 5 to be precise but generally I’m called Adeola or Aishah by most people or a variation of both

If you were a bird,what kind would you be? – A sparrow (There are lots of reasons for this but there!)

What inspires your writing – Everything around me inspires me, especially what I feel, writing provides me an out, helps me to express my wildest imagination, frees me from the limitations of location… because when I write, I go everywhere and anywhere

In all my posts,which is your favorite and why? – that would be love and life

If you were to choose between your mother and father,who would you choose and why? – In the event that I had a gun to my head and I absolutely had to choose, I would say my dad, my mom died years ago and even before then, she wasn’t around much, so it’s really always been us and dad and he has always been the absolute best, I love my dad absolutely!

What is your view on nudity in movies and sex scenes in literature? – I don’t much care for it.

Have you ever loved and lost? How old were you the first time you had your heart broken? By Life. By Time. By another human person? – Yes I have. It isn’t fun. Nick Cannon broke my heart LMAO!!!

When you read a work of fiction, which pulls you in deepest? The characters, the dialogue, the story content or the general writing style? – The first thing that has me is the writing style, it has to have that something in the first few sentences, then the way the characters are portrayed is also very important

If you had just one day to live,how would you spend it? – Frankly, it depends on the day and how I feel on that day. But loosely, I probably would spend a part of the day with people I love and have loved and part of the day by myself.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs time? – Do we have time for this? lol

It’s your birthday—no, not really. Except it is. In which case, Happy Birthday to you—would you rather be alone, with a loved one, with a handful of close friends, or lost in the big scene?
– Probably half the day with close friends, very close friends and half the day by myself

Okay! That’s done!

3. Then you write down 11 random facts about yourself.
1. I don’t really enjoy eating… I still don’t get going on a date to eat.
2. I looove that I talk fast!
3. Music has saved me more than once….music is my life, music is awesome!!!
4. I hate lizards wit all my heart, always wished I had some power to get rid of them…
houseflies too
5. I love Blake Shelton
6. I sometimes explain stuff to myself… other people’s behaviour or things I see
7. I love my natural hair, it’s been 6 months since I got off the creamy crack
8. My favorite colors are red and white… finally figured it out. LOL
9. I wish I had a different life with everything in my present life(makes sense to me)
10.I love my family absolutely!
11. I can’t wait to have kids

Okay this wasn’t so easy.

4. Nominate 11 other people.
Now, these nomination will be based on the blogs I visit the most and that have had the most impact on me in any way.
Congratulations guys, I think you’re all absolutely amazing.

Afrikan butterfly
Nessa’s Blog
Folarin’s blog

Wow! I do follow an amazing bunch of bloggers. That was not easy to decide at all.

5. Ask the nominees 11 questions.
okay, here are your questions, some of them might be bleh, just bear with my please

1. Where are you sitting at this very moment? describe your surrounding.
2. Are you a dog person or a cat person?
3. Is there a cause you are passionate about?
4. What is your ultimate dream vacation?
5. Do you like music? What kind?
6. If you could change something about the world, what would it be?
7. What never fails to make you laugh?
8. phone, notebook or music?
9. Summer or winter?
10. What is the philosophy or motto that guides your life?
11. If you had to give me one single advice about my writing, what would it be?

Now, to let everyone that I’ve nominated know.

This is a long one, I hope you have as much fun reading it.
Have an awesome day everyone.


7 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award

  1. Amaka says:

    I love the part where you said Do we have time for this? to the question where do you see yourself in 5yrs time? LMAOOOOOOO Spot on!

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