People always leave


She left!
I was 7 years old;
A child still needing to rest her head upon her mother’s breasts
A child still needing a kiss from her mother for every scraped knee
A child needing

She left!
I was 14 years old
A child still barely… how could I survive this?
As it gets difficult to breathe
I focus hard on drawing one breath at least
While my mind wonders if it wouldn’t be easier to just let go
Then the pain would go away

He left!
I was 18!
“I am going to die, I just know it”
My heart feels liquid in my chest
All squishy like it just can’t find the right fit anymore
I’d yank my own heart out to stop this pain
It’s pain… It’s fear… It’s confusion… It’s death

She left, He left, She left… They left
Was it my fault? Was it their fault?
Who cares?
They left and it feels like the end
They left and there’s no point anymore
They left and I’m still here


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