Nigeria… Who’s thinking for us?

So, I came across some really really really(I can’t stress enough how disturbing I find it) seriously shocking news yesterday.

The Nigerian Senate in reviewing the constitution has just approved removal of any sort of protection for female children. That would mean that men have the right to marry any Nigerian female they want, even a child as young as 10 years old!!! I seriously can’t seem to wrap my mind around this. It just makes absolutely no sense… who thought this up? What was his reason?

Here is the senate’s new rule verbatim “The Nigerian Senate also resolved to alter Section 29(a) of the constitution that stipulates that a woman shall not be qualified for marriage until she attains 18 years as they deleted age specification for women being married from the draft constitution and left the marriage age for women open. The Senate claimed that a woman is deemed to be “full of age” once she is married irrespective of the age she did so.”

Somebody please tell me what this means?!
It’s so stupid, I just want to scream because I can’t seem to get words together coherently on this issue. All that’s running through my mind is “why?” “what sense does this make?” “would this people actually allow their own children be married off at an age as young as 10?”

Plus is this really what the Nigerian Senate should be focused on right now? In my opinion, the Nigerian government spends too much energy on very stupid things while ignoring the real issues that need addressing. Like passing a bill that supports compulsory education? Something? that makes some sense?

There is an online petition that was started my Eme Awa on against this bill, please find the link below and sign, lend your voice to stop this evil thing (my opinion, if someone has an opposing view, I would love to hear it)

Nigerians, (and everybody else who sees this for the madness it is) let’s stand together once again and fight this barbaric act by the Nigerian Senate and protect the girl child.
Over 9,000 signatures are still needed, so let’s get to it and recruit as many people as we can to also sign and support this cause.

My name is Adeola Matemilola and I join Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde in saying No to pedophilia and No to the senate Bill endorsing Child marriage in Nigeria.

Thank you so much

United Nations: Stop The Nigerian Senate From Making Under-Age Marriage The Law!


10 thoughts on “Nigeria… Who’s thinking for us?

  1. temi says:

    It just a means to divert the attention of the public/citizens from the major issues such as security,education and the likes of them. They have really achieve their aim,attention diverted.

  2. abimbola says:

    But I bet that as Young people, we have to focus on the more critical issues such as…
    Unemployment, Corruption, Good Governance, Responsible Leadership…
    I believe that when when we get our acts together on these aforementioned, #childnotbride would be address.
    Have a beautiful day.

    • I do not agree with that. I saw something like this on facebook just now and while the general idea might make sense, it’s very wrong in my opinion to say we shouldn’t concern ourselves with issues like underage marriage because the economy is not good, or because there’s unemployment. Because what you’re saying in essence is that when the government comes up with a potentially harmful decision, we should ignore it and let it stand and grow because there are other issues that need addressing? You’re forgetting that those issues you’re referring to now became as huge as they are today because some people ignored them in the past.

      My opinion, let’s fight against all the injustices, let’s not ignore some for others… there’s none of the issues in Nigeria that require less attention that others. And also, this is what everyone is saying, that the government, instead of focusing on the issues we have, are proposing something that could potentially become a huge problem later. Instead of all of us; government and citizens to come together and right the wrongs that already exist, the Nigerian government is busy spending time and money on proposing new plate numbers for cars and underage marriages.
      I really hope you get my point.

  3. Chibueze Charles Uche-Obasi says:

    I love the way we are all standing up in protest of this barbaric thinking. We must make our society a better place. Aesha I love ur write ups, please do keep it up.

    • Thank you so much! With one voice, change will definitely come, it may come slowly but it will come.
      I hope you signed the petition and shared it.

      Please do check out other posts.

  4. Tomiwa Olajide says:

    You know… It’s a shame. So much insincerity and hypocrisy in d ranks of leadership. These guys do things with impunity so great you start wondering whether it’s us the people that have problems or them. Sighs.

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