Mirror, Mirror…

Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Who’s the fairest of them all?
Not on the outside, but the in
I’d like to know what others see

Do you ever wonder when you leave your home in the morning, all spruced up and looking to “die for”
If your attitude will reflect the outer beauty? Are you ever worried that someone will see past that outer beauty to the inside?
Apart from that, do you want anyone see the pain you carry on the inside?
When you laugh so hard at a joke your friends tell, while you weep on the inside with tears so hot, they could be burning through your chest?
Are you glad no one sees that?
or do you wish they would?
Do you wish someone could hear your heart screaming out “HELP ME… HELP ME!!!” repeatedly?

Standing at the kitchen sink at night, looking out the window, do you feel a strange sort of peace staring at the lights shining through your neighbor’s window?
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have that life instead of yours?
Do you ever think about your life and see how blessed you are and still feel this feeling inside that you cannot explain?
Do you ever long for love when you already have so much love and you just don’t understand it?
Do you ever wish and wish and wish… that someone would just understand?

Mirror, mirror on the wall
Hear my whispered prayer to God
Unto You alone I look… heal my heart, whether it be broken or not


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