Dear #$%Q6

It was you who was supposed to watch out for her
She trusted you to love and respect her
You loved her alright, in your own, shall we say, special way?
Under the covers of darkness, you creep into her room… No, creep is too strong a word,
you walk in, this is after all your home, where she is supposed to feel safe,
Where she should be able to sleep deep and dream sweet
Instead, she doesn’t sleep, she can’t sleep…
She lays there with her heart in her mouth,
She knows it’s only a matter of time,
She listens for the sound of the door opening that she knows will come soon
Straining to hear above the sound of her thudding heart

And there it is, you walk in like you own the place, oh wait, you do.

She cringes as your hand touches her, she shuts her eyes tight and tries to shut out all her senses,
praying this passes quickly,
praying for a day when you forget to come in,
praying to God to deliver her from…

In the morning, in the light of day, you look at her like nothing happened,
She wonders if you even remember, she wonders “did I make it all up in my own head?”
You’re that adult she should trust again… and she does
Why wouldn’t she? What does she know? She is only a child
She forgets all about telling someone about it,
She looses the courage and conviction she had felt the night before…or she let it go?… She isn’t sure anymore
Who would believe her anyway?
Who would have believed her?
Surely this is not something to be talked about
Only something to forget, to tuck far inside her.

But she wishes you didn’t walk into her room,
She wishes you would tell her why, She is just a child, so why?
She wishes that someone would notice she has this secret and force it out of her
If wishes were horses…uummm… She never could remember the end of that statement
She is so confused

She was just a child, scared
She still feels that child within, scarred

*Child molestation or Child sexual abuse actually does exist and in our very own immediate environment too.
Parents, be careful who you trust your children with, even if they are members of your family, pay attention to any changes in children’s behavior or disposition.
And it doesn’t just involve female children and male adults either.
In this case, my personal verdict is… everyone is guilty until proven innocent


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