That’s what I call you playfully all the time
It could pass for your nickname at this point

You make me so happy

On that bright sunny afternoon, you walked into my life and it’s been a wonderful adventure since then
You lift the clouds and make the dark days bright
You make the bright days even brighter

We laugh all the time,
have all the crazy adventures we’ve both always longed for
I tell you I’m brave enough now cos I’ve found my partner
You too… you call me your partner in crime

We have our inside jokes that no one else knows,
they probably wouldn’t get it anyways

We fight of course,
and we are both proud enough to not want to be the first to apologize
but we are in love enough to not want to waste too much time being angry at each other,
So of course, we make up

We laugh with each other
We laugh at each other
We are comfortable enough with each other, in our own skin.

We spend time together,
wanting time to speed up so we can get from one adventure to the next faster
wanting time to slow down because there’s just not enough time in forever

Yesterday, we were cuddled up on the couch, laughing hard, we were seeing our favorite TV show,
You looked at me, kissed me and called me beautiful
I laughed, shook my head and called you silly.


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