To be her… that’s all I want
I watch her all the time. She’s amazing.
Oh what it would be like to have her life, to have her clothes, her smile, her confidence, her style
she is a strong woman,
sure enough of and in herself,
nothing fazes her,
she falls down and she gets right back up, dusts herself off and is all the more stronger and wiser for it
she is beautiful, so very beautiful,
her smile reaches deep into her eyes and brightens every room,

She walked up to me today and in a gentle quiet voice, asked for my opinion on…
we talked for a while,
And I realize, she is me and I am her…
She wants my life and I want hers…
We are one and the same…
We just need to allow ourselves be strong enough to accept who we are.


3 thoughts on “One

  1. “asked for my opinion on…” I love the way you faded there. Nice bit as usual. And since I just saw the movie, Jobs, today, I can absolutely connect with the last line about being strong enough to accept who you are. Keep scribbling…more lead to your pencil!

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