Last night, I went into my sister’s room and I said to her “hey, did you hear what happened in Kenya”, she responded “yes, the gunmen at the mall? It’s very sad”, I agreed with her and then she said “but did you hear what happened in Nigeria?”

Apparently, about 143 bodies had been discovered around the highways and surrounding bushes along the maiduguri/Damaturu highway, following an attack on Tuesday by members of “an Islamic terrorist sect disguised in military fatigues and who attacked in about 20 pickup trucks and two light tanks firing anti-aircraft guns”.
This attack happened on Tuesday 17th of September.
The news broke on Friday 20th September.

While I was doing my little “research”, I was reminded of the horrific Boarding school massacre in Yobe state Nigeria on Saturday 6th July 2013, I searched and searched and searched some more, trying to find something that Patience Jonathan had said about the incident, she is the First lady, the “mother” of the nation, sadly, I didn’t find anything, that is not to say she didn’t say anything, I just didn’t find (maybe it’s classified).
You know what I found though, Patience Jonathan yapping about how the Governor and First lady of Rivers state have no respect, that they did not pay her a condolence visit after her mother died. she actually gave interviews to discuss this.
Patience Jonathan getting into a war of words with Wole Soyinka.

It’s quite obvious to me that something is very wrong; it’s either the Nigerian press have all either been paid off or threatened to turn a blind eye to the real issues in Nigeria and instead report the mundane or everyone is simply just tired of Nigeria and its issues.

I just don’t get it, over 100 people are brutally murdered in Nigeria, and it’s hardly reported, nobody talks about it much, and a few days later, everyone is talking about Kenya… don’t get me wrong, a killing is a killing and it’s horrible whether it’s 1 person or 20 people.
I’m just trying to understand Nigerian minds now, trying to think through how we are thinking in recent times.
Is it that we just already expect these things to happen in our country, so when we hear about it, we aren’t even shocked anymore, maybe some of us aren’t even sad anymore, maybe Boko Haram has just become one more topic of conversation for us.
I think this, almost more than anything else is very sad.

People get killed in Nigeria almost on a daily basis, we either don’t hear about it or we do and “oh well, it’s Nigeria. God help us”
People get killed in other parts of the world and we post Facebook messages and statuses. This isn’t wrong. I am not campaigning for Facebook statuses for Nigeria. I just want us to care again.

Personally, I get so frustrated sometimes, I wish there was something I could actually do, something that would actually make a difference. Because it is my country. Those are my people. That is my family.

I really don’t know what the solution for the real issues or the ones I’ve laid out here are.
Fact is, I’m not even sure if what I have written is clear, if anybody actually understands what I am trying to say here.
If I am making any sense.
If anybody feels as helpless and frustrated as I do.
Most of us know so much about the issues in Syria, Egypt, Isreal… everywhere else

Maybe the Nigerian issues haven’t touched us personally. We can only continue to pray that it doesn’t.
The international media is loosing interest.
The local media is loosing interest.

We simply cannot afford to stop caring.

Adeola Matemilola


2 thoughts on “310922

  1. Pat Matem says:

    One thing you wrote is most important – “Maybe the Nigerian issues haven’t touched us personally…..”. We are of course getting used to the violence and nonchalant leaders but wait till it actually touches you…even then most of us can only weep silently in our closets. No one is listening. A friend’s son was caught in the Nyanya blast (second one missed by wiskers!). I visited, I saw, I felt bad, started to imagine what the family is going through, what the one week old bride is going through. It is unimaginable! Yet it has not really touched ME. Like you, I wish there is something more tangible we can do cos even if 100 Nigerians protest by lying on the railtrack and a train runs over them, our leaders will still hold a cocktail in Aso Rock for visiting ‘dignitaries’.Not funny, but laughable!

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