What’s up? How are you?

So, a couple days ago, I was in school,happily bouncing dragging myself towards the room where my class would be held, when I heard a conversation that immediately made me think “I gotta write something about that”.

Here’s how it went… Guy walks out of the building, girl smiles…

Girl: Hello, How are you?
Guy: Hello, I’m fine, thank you. How are you?
Girl: fine. How’s life?
Guy: fine
Girl: How is everything?
Guy: fine
Girl: How have you been?
Guy: fine

This is all I heard, as I was just walking by, I can only assume it went on and on until the guy decided he was fine enough.

After I had frowned to myself and wondered why people often do this, I thought, there could be a number of reasons why; maybe they don’t know each other very well and so have nothing else to talk about or maybe for some reason they are uncomfortable with each other. It could be any number of reasons, I guess.

One thing I do know for sure is that it irritates the hell outta me, for me, it’s like you have nothing to say, in which case, wouldn’t it be better for both of us to just go our separate ways and find something better to do? And if it’s a chat, you gotta know it’s time to close it.

But let me ask one thing, are there different responses to the following questions? “how far?” (which I kinda don’t like actually, maybe because I never know the correct response to it), “what’s up?” “how are you?” “how have you been?” when they are asked back-to-back?
If there are, then I’ve just gotten wayyy impatient, that I don’t see it.
Just this morning, I was chatting with someone, he says “sup?”, I reply “I’m good, thanks. How are you? (I know, I know, I don’t like to shorten words or sentences… OCD!!!) LOL
Anyway, he replies “fine. You?” *screaaamssss*
Now at this point, I just assume you aren’t paying attention to the chat, your mind’s on other things, in which case, wouldn’t it be a better use of both of our times if you just went and did that?
I then reply “LOL… didn’t I just respond to this? I’m good, thank you”
To which he replies that I’m being aggressive.

That’s exactly how I typed it actually, and even though, I felt a tad exasperated, I actually laughed out loud and went back to look at the chat, so I don’t know where he got the “aggression” from but oh well.

The point of my rant? I just want to know if I’m the only one this irritates, maybe I have to evaluate my ‘patience meter’
Or maybe, I’m just way too direct?

How y’all doing? 🙂

Adeola Matemilola


7 thoughts on “What’s up? How are you?

  1. No it’s not just you. It happens with older guys as well and it irritates me too. There is this guy that is into me and he always texts me with “Hey, what’s up”? To which I reply with “Not much. Sitting here reading”. (Or whatever it is that I’m doing). He replies “Wyd”? And I think to myself – didn’t I just answer that!!! Frustrating to say the least! So, I don’t reply! SMH & Lol

  2. Amaka says:

    It irritates me as well and when am exasperated, I just reply with a smiley. At least no one can call that “aggressive”

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