I am not a cussing person.
Fuck. It.
What does that. Fucking. Mean?
Who. Fucking. Says that?
What. The. Fuck. Is wrong with you?

I am not a cussing person, I really am not.

I just met you, so this should be easy to take. This isn’t going to work.
At this point in my life, I choose my friends, and you, sir, are just not going to cut it.

We just met and you told me “I’m an African man, I like to be in control”
I really could have looked past that until you said to me “I should control you, you shouldn’t control me”, just because I suggested a road you could take in a town you didn’t even know very well.

You littered, finished with that cup and just threw it out the car window. And in response to my “seriously?!” And look of total incredulity, you shrugged and said “it’s okay, nobody will arrest me for doing that here”.

You messed up my toilet. Any guy with half a brain knows that when you want to use the toilet in a lady’s house, you have to put up the toilet seat. And anyone with any sort of common sense knows that you should try to leave a toilet, even if it is a public one, at least half as clean as you met it.
You didn’t put my toilet seat up.
You peed like a one-year old who hasn’t been potty-trained; pee on the seat, on the lid, on the floor. DIS-gusting.
You left it like that.

Did I mention how you put down the entire African race?
Telling me I was lying about my job because “no black person would be allowed to do that”. With my mouth open in shock, I thought, “oh, this is self-hate”.
I am intelligent. I am confident. I am brilliant. I can stand with the best of the very best and hold my head high. I am African.
And I can do any job I fucking want.

I am not a cussing person.
Dude!!! You messed up my toilet.


3 thoughts on “

  1. Chinedu says:

    That guy should get a knock on his head. Why will people not see Africans as the bad egg when we act like we don not care?

  2. todimuu says:

    My colleagues here can’t comprehend why I was laughing so loudly having read this piece, apparently I can’t share with them; they are all ladies… You must be kidding, right? The dude’s display of his man ego (doubt if he is literate) is kinda unbelievably endearing. Pele Adeola…lol

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