This was written by a friend as a reponse to a post I put up a few days ago, he says I sort of motivated him to write after a little downtime. Yay me!!! Lol You’re welcome Kingsley:-P
But seriously, this is absolutely awesome, I just had to post it. Enjoy. And please visit his blog here. He’s Awesome, Awesome, Awesome and I mean that 😀

You knew the words before I spoke them. You saw them coming – you recognized them.
As they dripped down my face and cascaded out of my mouth,you took them with a pitiful welcome.
I see what it does to you. I can count every piece of you that breaks away and I can stitch every shred of your heart that rips apart.

I say the words, “I just need to find myself.” But I never say them without a bile in my throat.
I don’t walk away from you, I walk away for you.
There’s a man I need to find. I keep coming back without him.

I, too, cannot unlove you. Let me prove it – let me go away and find me – and come back a bigger man.
The kind who would clothe you in gold and drive with you in fancy cars.
The kind who can take you on a voyage round the world and feel the glow of the moon with you from all its sides.
The kind whom you have always deserved.

I will miss you with a feverish shudder.
But I won’t let you down this time. I won’t come back till I find me.
And then I will never have to leave again.
I will have a whole life spread ahead of us to show you that you’re neither a piece of block, nor a stone, nor a play thing.
You’re a real life person – the best of your kind to walk this earth.
And, of course, I should know that.

Read the first part here.


5 thoughts on “

  1. oluwatodimuu says:

    This and the other piece are well written but I am kinda puzzled with a lot of questions running through my head. I just can’t get! The topic reveal load of stuff and expose the limitations in man’s (both the male and the female gender) ability in handling relationships. But seriously what happened to; “let me find myself with you by my side”, “there’s a man I need to find, lets find him together”. Or does it reveals weakness. Or the strength is in doing it alone? I can’t get!! The greatest excuse of all time I have noticed in relationships is the line; “I can never unlove you”. What an excuse! could it just be deceit (lies we tell our inner self). I still can’t get it!!! Although we stretch for independency, we’re made for interdependency ……There is no self made man. “Still puzzled ”.

    • Woah! This absolutely makes sense… I especially like the idea of “finding myself with you by my side”, that’s really the way it should be, if we haven’t succeeded is making everything so complicated.
      However, “I cannot unlove you” is not just an excuse, that’s my opinion

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