Paul Walker.

Paul Walker.

Although you never knew me, I met you constantly
Every time I saw a movie
Every time I saw you in the news
Every time I saw a picture and thought “ooohhh he’s fiiine”
You’ve been taken so suddenly, the shock persists
It begs the question “why do the good ones go so soon?”
You left way too soon

I hope you lived a good life
not the one the world saw, or the one we all talk about
not the life in the movies, or that with your charities, touching lives like you did
but a life for you, a life that you were proud of
I hope you had friends, love, fun, happiness; the sort that makes every single day a dream come true

I think about your pretty smile and I still can’t believe it
Heaven has welcomed a handsome new angel
You entertained us through your movies
And inspired us with your life
We couldn’t forget you if we tried
You live on in our hearts… in my heart
Fast and Furiously… for always.

Heartfelt prayers to his friends and family.
Rest In Peace Paul Walker.

Adeola Matemilola


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