A simple Christmas story


Sleigh bells, jingles, lights, elves, Christmas trees, red and blue, Christmas lights, Christmas songs… Christmas is here.

“Why isn’t anyone playing Christmas songs?”, the little girl asks
“Real Christmas songs, so no Justin Beiber or Destiny’s Child”

Let’s listen to Christmas hymns, the ones that remind us of that glorious moment when Jesus started on the journey to our redemption, that moment when a young girl realized her life could very well be ruined because “how would she explain this to anyone?”
She could already hear them snickering and whispering behind their open palms, “isn’t that supposed to be Joseph’s virgin wife?”

Let’s listen to real Christmas songs like;
Silent night, Holy night…
Joy to the world, the Lord has come, let earth receive her King…
We three kings of Orient are; bearing gifts we traverse afar,Field and fountain,Moor and mountain, following yonder star…

Picture this, it starts at night, there were men in the field, tending to their flock, we all know this story…
Jesus Christ was born, the King had arrived
I know what you’re thinking, none of this is new to me
But that, right there is the problem I see
We’ve heard this story so much, for so long, some of us since we were born…
‘Jesus Christ came’, ‘Jesus Christ died’, we would pass that exam, so let’s learn new things

So we tuck it in the back of our minds and move on, to the important things of life
not realizing that the most important thing of all is what we have put away.
Our priorities are all wrong; we wake up late and rush to class, prayers can wait
Our “friend” makes a joke that goes against who we should be as Christians and we laugh and ignore that voice that whispers to us to say something
We don’t want to be different, we want to be accepted, we want to be cool.
But we’ve all seen the movie, Jesus hurt so much, He cried
He didn’t do anything to deserve that, it wasn’t His crime
But He took those lashes; if we listen hard, we can hear them whipping across His back,
They put a Crown of thorns upon His head and laughed as it tore through.
It wasn’t anything He did, He didn’t have to die… but He did it, just so you and I can decide.
Can you imagine what love would make a person do that? I have absolutely no words to describe it… its more than any earthly love, its more than we could ever understand, otherwise we would have professors of ‘Jesusology’
Its the kind of love that makes me want to leap for joy, and scream and clap and skip and dance and aarghh!!! Because I know that nobody will ever love me that much.

How I met your mother, glee
Games of thrones, suits
The big bang theory, leverage
Oh and let’s not forget candy crush…

These are the things that take up our time, just one more episode turns into ten
But we can’t take 30 minutes to read our Bible and pray

And when there’s a party and there’s Church, we would rather do the party,
Because we want our friends to like us and accept up

And when there’s an opportunity to talk about Jesus, we stay quiet
Because we want to be liberal, politically correct and respect everyone’s right
Even though we know in our hearts, that this isn’t right

Always assuming that Jesus will understand, He should know that the flesh is weak, after all, He made us
But we forget that the Bible says He won’t test us above what we are able to bear

I know some people are thinking, “I read my bible, I talk about Jesus, so that doesn’t apply to me”
But remember, we are all works in progress
That’s why we can always come back to Jesus and ask for forgiveness

Always remembering that its better to be an outcast now, than to be cast out later.

Adeola Matemilola


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