Take a breath… and write it right


Am I the only one it annoys so much that people never actually write what they mean anymore
From ‘HBD’, ‘LLNP’, ‘HNY’ to ‘takia’ and forgetting that punctuations actually exist,
it’s starting to seem like we are moving so fast, we barely have time to say one thing in full.

Why do we feel the need to shorten every word all of a sudden?
It’s gotten so bad, some of us can’t turn it off long enough for an examination
Your argument might be that in a text or a tweet, there aren’t enough characters, so you have to make do
but how about Facebook, your blog, Instagram or in your notebook

One day, I was writing in my notebook and because when I type on my tab or phone, auto-correct or auto-fill pops up,
I wrote half the word and waited
I had a good laugh over that
but can you imagined how ‘conditionally lazy’ my brain had become?

And the scary part is that this isn’t helping us speak or more especially, write good English
we are allowing social media destroy us slowly and we don’t even realize it
I use the word ‘destroy’ here loosely but shouldn’t our means of communication be something we hold very dear?
And yet we see it as something cool that we can write ‘evrtyn’ in place of ‘everything’?

And writing ‘HBD’ on my Facebook wall doesn’t say you care,
all that tells me is that I was merely a very brief stop on your way rushing to wherever.


5 thoughts on “Take a breath… and write it right

  1. Technology has given us great flexibility, so we write on the go. Like you, I don’t mind the abbreviations until it encroaches into more ‘formal’ writing. And like you, HBD, annoys me. Have the courtesy to spell Happy Birthday, for crying out loud!

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