Bee’s Beyoncé

Okay, this post is not about Beyoncé at all. I’m simply seeing her self-titled visual album videos right now lol

My life in itself, is a miracle I’m constanly thnakful for… there’s absolutely no way to list or explain how the Lord keeps me.

2013; I’m ready to move on. It’s been way too difficult, its been way too easy
There was too much laughter and too many tears
Too much love gained, too much love lost
Too many examinations passed, to many examinations failed
Too many tests; expected and unexpected, passed and failed
I went to church yesterday and all the testimonies sounded like Eulogies
I’m not sad though, I’m not rejoicing at leaving you either.
We were good together, you made me stronger
Everything we did together preparing me for the future
I will miss you too, because you I know, and you know me
We both knew this would end though… and I am ready to move on
But rest easy, knowing that you have fully prepared me for this.

2014; I have just one thing to say… This renewed relationship with Jesus Christ will see us through.
Now let’s do it… and be Awesome!

Oh before I go, I should say, Beyoncé’s Beyoncé starting to grow on me big time. She has amazing songs on there and it’s equally awesome to know that she did that herself… an entire visual album… its an innovation, its awesome.
My present favourites are; Pretty Hurts, Drunk in love, Mine, XO, Flawless, Superpower, Heaven, Blue and Grown Woman.

And yes, “I woke up like this” (said with just the right amount of attitude)

My wish for everyone, an absolutely amazing 2014


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