The devil sees me now

Last night I had a dream, it was a frightening one
I felt the devil all around… the atmosphere felt thick with a dark presence
I could hardly stand it… heart thudding, mouth dry, body trembling, feeling hot all over, unable to think clearly
There was a house… sometimes, I was inside, sometimes, I was outside but it was the same
This dark presence stayed, it felt so real, like terrible, like nothing I had ever felt before.

Then there I was, face to face with the devil, standing there, unable to move, or speak, completely paralyzed
He was sitting there, in the form of a good-looking young man, a slight smile on his face, like he was goading me.
As I stood there, in this “real” dream, it suddenly occurred to me, the devil sees me now.
By committing my all to Jesus and openly loving Jesus, I had gained the devil’s attention.
With that thought came the knowledge that I am secure in Jesus now, so I struggled through my paralyzed state and called on the name of Jesus repeatedly watching the smile and the his face completely disappear. Hallelujah!
It is not wonder that the bible warns repeatedly about the dangers of living a half-way life, of being lukewarm, of not committing completely to Jesus Christ, because even thinking about it with “common sense”, it should be obvious, if you belong to the devil, he leaves you alone, if you belong to Jesus, the devil will definitely try to get at you but what can he do, when you’ve got Jesus in your camp? but if you are living in the middle, not sure where you want to be, who stands up for you? who fights for you?

This is a decision that we all ultimately must make.
Think on this, Jesus Christ, the son of God, came down to earth in the form of man, was crucified and at the end, shouted out “it is finished”… our sins, our punishment, he took it all. Just so we can live a life of choices, just so we can make our own decisions.
What was the last thing we did for Jesus just to show how we feel about Him.
and even more, what has the devil ever done for you to show that he loves you.
What exactly is it that we “enjoy” so much, that we feel like we would miss out on if we commit completely to Jesus?
And I have heard people say, what if I give up all the drinking and fornication and “enjoyment” and then there’s no heaven and no God?
But I say what if there is? Is all of these worldly “enjoyment” really worth your soul?
Would you really be missing out on anything if you simply let everything go and gave all of you to the Lord?

For myself however, I praise the Lord, because the devil just lost one.


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