Nigeria deserves its leadership

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Stripped bare, the only entity that determines the rise of nations is the people. Resources don鈥檛 become resources until the people apply intelligence to find use for them. Otherwise, they don鈥檛 mean much. Who knows? Beach sand could be the fuel of the future.

People are the only entities that matter. Vox populi, vox deus. And that is why the Nigerian situation couldn鈥檛 be more pathetic.

Things are bad in this country. Politicians, religious leaders, technocrats, the judiciary and almost every other institution (referred to as the rulers from now on) we used to trust made an unholy alliance to rape us, mocking us as they do.

Trillions are pilfered annually. Mad men are celebrities. Junk peddlers are kings. For 50 years this has been the case. And its sickening to realise this will go on for the foreseeable future. Hope is hopeless.

The rulers did not fall from heaven鈥

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