It’s Aprill 11!!!


There once was a little boy
As sweet as can be
7 is the age I remember most vividly
Always asking questions, wanting to know more
intelligent eyes shining brown
defiantly standing your ground and insisting “my teacher said it, so it’s true”
Trusting, kind, loyal; strong, focused,
the best kind of brother
God must have looked down and thought “these girls need a strong kindhearted boy in their lives,one with the heart of an angel, the very best Heaven can provide”
And then He sent you
You never do anything halfheartedly; you give your all every single time
The most complex words cannot express how much I love you
On this most special day of the year- 11th April- I hope it is re-enforced to you just how much you are loved
Your dreams, your wishes, your hopes, and aspirations are in God’s hands and He is working it out.
As you continue to work your hands and keep Jesus in your heart
I hope you have the most beautiful day, my darling
I hope you dance
I hope you are happy today
I hope you are happy always.


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