200+ future leaders of Nigeria


This might make absolutely no sense to you
Why does she write about this, you may wonder
While I worry about this issue becoming one of those “Nigerian issues” that eventually die down
I am hopeful that pressure can be mounted from all quarters to ensure this ends happy
Let us focus on these children for a while,
their parents and loved ones are suffering, I know
as a nation we bleed right now, whether you choose to identify with it or not.
This has gone way past a Nigerian issue and is now or should be a world issue.

But those kids, where are they? what might they be going through right now?
Are they being fed? Are they crying and feeling defeated?
Are they hopeful that there will be a happy ending?
its been over two weeks, I can only imagine how their hopes of being rescued might be fading.

If I could whisper into their hearts right now, here’s what I would say
“we’re thinking of you, we’re praying for you, we’re fighting for you,
we will not allow you to become victims of the famous Nigerian government’s “we condemn this act” speech.
You are the leaders of tomorrow… and we love you.
No matter what you may be going through right now, no matter how difficult it might be,
focus on the love that a few million people, at least, have for you
focus on the love that God has for you… focus on God, He alone is the light that shines bright at the end.

Let us together as a nation and as world citizens cry out to God… And also, very importantly, demand action.

These are 200+ children, 200 people do not simply disappear.
I fear that the Nigerian government might be taking advantage of the fact that Nigerians simply demand for a while and then let go.
This is why we definitely need the world right now, we need pressure to be mounted.
If the Nigerian government cannot act right on its own, then the international community should demand and teach.
The Nigerian president acts like this doesn’t concern him, he has more important things to do, like attend funerals and parties, while citizens are suffering. IT IS NOT FAIR.
Something has to give. Nigeria needs a leader who can be empathetic and Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is not one.
And what is the “mother of the nation” doing? Shouldn’t she be out there with those grieving women, offering comfort and supporting them? Isn’t she a mother?

It is about time that we invite the International community into Nigerian affairs, let’s let the world watch and witness all the gory details… maybe then the government will care enough to clean up their act.

I really do love my country but at times like this, I wonder if there is a country to actually love.

200+ children; I am praying for you. And I am fighting for you.



7 thoughts on “200+ future leaders of Nigeria

  1. Amaka says:

    I wonder what they are thinking of now…have they resigned to their fate? Are they thinking of how to curry the favour of the men who have captured them thinking…if they like me, they won’t harm me? Are they gisting with one another…laughing, trying not to think of their predicament? Are they trying to compete amongst themselves, who is the prettiest or who can cook better? Are they being raped…gosh? Are they being treated like a queen so that even when given the option to leave, they will refuse?

    Its so confusing and sad…this is not fair, they are kids, children for Christ’s sake. Amma stop ranting now

  2. Amaka says:

    And oh…Jonathan is not clueless. He knows what is happening and am sure somewhere he even has a live feed of what is going on in the camps where these children are being held. That is why the mother of the nation cannot do or say anything. She knows as well…or maybe she’s battling with her illness and is too tired to even show face because Nigerians will know what they have been trying so hard to hide.

    Jonathan’s hands are tied and whoever has got him by the balls has a firm grip on it and is not willing to let go. Heck the person is even tickling him and he cannot even smile not to talk of laugh, do you know how hard that is? Being tickled and not being able to laugh…The world be damned.

    • I’m sorry, are we defending Jonathan now? If he’s hands are tied, shouldn’t he just resign and let someone with free hands have a go at it… maybe someone else will be more successful. But how will we ever know if he continues to sit there with his “tied hands”?

  3. Amaka says:

    No way are we defending him, just trying to imagine or understand why he has not done anything cos that’s not human. To see these things and not do something. He’s probably not thinking of resigning…he’s about to solve the problem we should just be patient while people die. He is trying to justify his still being president…if he should resign now, anyone taking over from him will have to start from scratch of which by then many more people will have died. Therefore it’s only rational he stays president abi, better for 100 people to die now and he solves the problem than for another person to solve the problem and 200 more people die.

    Shey you see am becoming crazy, tooor!!!

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