Roses are red… Who are you?

The days pass in a blur
I don’t know how I got here
It feels like my eyes have been shut all this time
My other senses working overtime as a result
Like I’m on a merry-go-round, set to its fastest speed,
round and round and round it goes
suddenly, everything stops.
I’m forced to open my eyes
Slowly, as my eyes adjust, I take it all in;
opportunities lost, friends turned enemies
chances for laughter I’ve lost
broken Promises
alcohol, boys
lies, pride…
I take it all in
I’m not comfortable here anymore
I feel bad and sad and guilty all at once
Like I don’t deserve anything
Like I’m not worth anything
I had been drowning and only just realize it
In that thick, deep darkness, I hear a soft whisper,
that seem to chase away all the fear, pain and guilt I feel,
It speaks and I feel hopeful,
It seems to me like it’s saying that at this juncture,
it’s really up to me.
It’s my decision, I have to choose
I hear the whisper
“do you know who you are?
do you realize what you were created to be?
do you want to live like this?”


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