“The Average Nigerian isn’t built to care…”

“The average Nigerian isn’t built to care about other people”
I just heard this on Youtube in a video made by some guy, where he was talking about why, in his opinion, Nigerians protesting is a waste of time. He says that Nigerians only started to protest after the international media and international celebrities began to talk about the issue, I thoroughly disagree on that point.

Although I only saw the first few minutes of the video, I do agree with two points he made; first, he mentioned that in most situations like this in Nigeria, after a while, the people who had been acting like leaders in the protests then go to have “private meetings” with the Government and after that, everything dies down.
And second, “the average Nigerian isn’t built to care about other people”, please keep in mind that even as I somewhat agree with this statement, I am not saying all Nigerians do not care. I am only agreeing with this from my experiences, I have had situations where I have been having discussions or maybe I just mention some ill in the world or some cause I support and why and I’ve had statements such as “why? what’s your own?” or “I know they are HIV/AIDS orphans, but they are not my family” or “so what if some people don’t have food to eat, did I take their food away?” thrown at me. And it always, always makes me very sad. But I think that’s just the way it is, if something doesn’t touch us personally, we just don’t feel it.
And even now, with everything that’s happening in Nigeria, there are some people that still do not care at all and some that do not even know. I had a conversation with someone a few days ago, who expressed serious shock at the fact that there were 2 bomb blasts in the FCT and that school children had been abducted in Borno State.
In today’s world of inter-connectivity, if you cannot even know what’s happening in your country, how do you know what’s happening anywhere else in the world? Syria, Iraq, Turkey, South Sudan, Central African Republic… there are so many ills in the world and the least, the very least any of us can do, I think, is to at least educate ourselves, you never know when you’ll be able to do something to help one person; send one dollar, say a prayer… something.

What saddens me the most, I must say is the fact that rather than pull together, Nigerians seem to to drawing even farther apart along religious lines, I think we need to remember that everyone; Muslims and Christians are being affected by this.

In my opinion, if something is bad, it should be changed, if one way doesn’t work, find another way that does. It makes no sense to sit in your house because this hasn’t touched you “personally” and criticize what other people think they can do. If you have a more effective way to get answers, please share it, if you don’t, please just support and pray and if you find you really can’t do any of that, then by all means, shut up.
And I say that respectfully.

This was meant to be a very short post, and I thank you if you read to the end, it means you found some sense in it at least.


2 thoughts on ““The Average Nigerian isn’t built to care…”

  1. I don’t know how I missed this post. I agree with you. I wish I didn’t, but sadly I do. I’ve had more disturbing conversations and it doesn’t get better by the day. How can we save us if we don’t love us? Why do we not see these things spread like cancer, and if we don’t help stop it, it will get to us sooner or later. And the very people who might have come to our aid in future might be perishing in the present, being ignored, because we think its not directly any business of ours.

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