Some of us are smarter than all of us

Idea FunHouse

To stand out from the crowd, go the opposite way. This is sound life advice. Shrewd investors buy when others sell and sell when others buy. In marketing, the diffusion curve talks about ‘early majority’ and ‘late majority'(after the ‘innovators’ and the ‘early adopters’). Its clear that the majority is never first.

Something is wrong with the majority. And it baffles me that the idea of a perfect world is constructed around the misdirected (or so it seems). Social systems glorify humanity over the individual. “Majority will have their way, minority will have their say”. Go figure.

In truth, the majority follows the minority – where the minority could range from an individual to a tight group of radicals. Its a fact from history and recent events that game-changing ideas (better or worse) come from minorities. Not governments, and not committees either. Even the idea of democracy came from an…

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