How much can one person do?

Scrolling down my Facebook page, I see a friend has posted about the floods in Serbia and Bosnia, he asks about contributing some money for those affected; I think to myself, “I really should get on that”.
Continuing down, there’s a UNICEF post about a little boy from the Philippines who lost everything in Typhoon Haiyan.
Then another post about the mine explosion in Turkey… about 700 people are estimated to have been in the mines that day, only about 400 have been accounted for.
Then another post about the thousands of displaced people in the Central Africa Republic due to the violent conflict that has been going on there.
Then another post about the hundreds of Syrians who are killed everyday and the thousands of refugees travelling miles and miles through the harshest conditions, looking for a safe place to call “home”.
Then still another post about the thousands of South Sudanese people affected and displaced by the Violent conflict going on there.
Nigerians seeking a change…
Oil spills causing contamination of ocean waters…
Industrial waste dumped in the oceans causing lots of problems…
The melting Arctic ice causing flooding and Tsunamis… the deaths and extinction of thousands of animals, not to mention the violent conflict that researchers predict could arise between the 5 Arctic powers for its natural resources.
So many issues… So many problems in the world today.
It looks like one would be hard pressed to find any part of the world without some problem or the other.
There are man-made issues, there are natural disasters, at this point, it might just be a matter of “choose what you want, because you’re definitely getting something”

And me, I want to be involved in everything, I want to help with everything… the way I’m built, I find it very difficult to remove myself from an issue, I immediately see myself in that situation and I can’t look away… how can I ignore?


But really, how much can one person do?
I have since realized that thinking I can do everything is the very root of my unhappiness.
What I can do is focus on one thing and do my absolute best, make a difference, touch a life… spreading myself too thin might mean I won’t do anything for anyone in the end.
Taking the example of great philanthropists; My father, Dr. Pat Matemilola; Ms. Josephine Habba; Mr. Bill gates and so many others, I simply have to focus all of my passion and energy and be sure that I touch that one life.

Focusing on all of the issues in the world, to the extent that I do, will be sure to drive a person crazy.

I am human, I can only do so much; So, I will get on my knees and pray for the world and then I will go out and do something to touch that one life.


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3 thoughts on “How much can one person do?

  1. Tomiwa Olajide says:

    Ah! You see? The best you can do is to focus on that one thing, that resonates most with your deepest conviction. We are all on this journey if impact and change. The hardest part is choosing your battle. The latter part is to give it all you’ve got.

    All the best to us!

  2. Babajide Tella says:

    Pay it forward… I believe so much in the philosophy of ripple effect. I totally agree with Tomiwa; choosing your battle and giving it all you’ve got.

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