58 Years Old

The last time I fell in love, I was 58 years old;
I had 3 children and 5 grandchildren,
I had known the love of a husband and felt the pain of his loss,
I had learnt that sticks and stones may break my bones,
but it also makes me tougher.

One day, I looked up and there he was,
almost like he had never left,
I looked into his eyes, still as brown as ever,
in them I saw a reflection of the love and pain I had experienced,
his hair was all grey now, shining with the wisdom of his years.

He held my hand and our palms fit together perfectly,
In our hearts, we were still 5 years old,
still skipping along the street.
He placed a light kiss on my temple and whispered,
“you’re my bestest friend in the whole world”
He was 58 years old.

5 Years Old
24 Years Old


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