10 Year Old Boy Carries Dead Baby Bro To Cremation

And we’re doing it all over again. 馃槮
Does the human race ever learn or are we just like goats doing the same stupid things over and over again, irrespective of the outcome?


a day in history 3japan boy

This heart rending photo was taken by Joe O鈥橠onnell. He was sent by the US military to document the horrors inflicted upon the Japanese by air raids and atomic bombs in 1945.

In this photo, the little boy had bought his brother to a cremation spot. He was barefooted and in perhaps trying to play the role of oldest functioning family member left remaining, he was clearly copying the stand-to-attention stance he would have seen amongst the warring uniformed adults.

Joe O鈥橠onnell in his words:

鈥淚 saw a boy about ten years old walking by. He was carrying a baby on his back. In those days in Japan, we often saw children playing with their little brothers or sisters on their backs, but this boy was clearly different. I could see that he had come to this place for a serious reason. He was wearing no shoes. His face鈥

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