New Year shenanigans

I was talking to a friend early this morning and I realized that I’m actually not the only person on earth who has developed an aversion to the “happy new year” craze. Don’t get me wrong, I am excited that its a new year and I am incredibly thankful to/for God and family and friends and so much I couldn’t even say but just like almost everything else in our world today (maybe technology is to blame for this, maybe not), it all seems “fake”, like everyone’s just going through the motions and just doing this because well, its Christmas or New Year’s and its expected, it feels almost like someone writing HBD on my Facebook wall or Churches filling up during periods like this… like do we actually FEEL it? Do we feel THANKFUL to be seeing another year? Do we actually wish for those blessings and things in those generic forwarded messages we send to everyone on our contact list? Do we even know exactly what those messages say or did we just read the first and last line and decided that it would do? Do we feel EXCITEMENT at the prospect of a new year? Do we see NEW possibilities? or is it just a case of “different year, same crap”?

This is what I don’t feel in the mostly generic messages I get around Christmas and New Year, and it doesn’t help that I get the exact “before the network’s get too busy” messages from so many different people… would it really be too much for you to write out how you feel about getting into a New Year or simply say “Happy New Year” and mean it, but I guess its just this “lazy culture” that’s spreading and causing us to connect less (again, maybe technology is to blame for this or maybe I’m wrong), we send a message that someone somewhere sent for the first maybe 3 Christmases ago to everyone we know and we feel satisfied that we’ve done our part and fulfilled all righteousness. Cue Next Year.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is not just to rant but it is a new year after all, so its the perfect time for that “not so cliched” new beginning, let’s try to take the time and make an extra effort to BE PRESENT this year; in our lives, with our friends, our family, with everyone we meet, let’s not just float through another year without actually seeing or living it.

That said, there’s a long list of things I’m thankful for as I move forward, however, these are things I am always thankful for, and my thanks isn’t simply limited to the New Year, but there is a list I have of random things I learnt last year, that post was originally supposed to be put up on my birthday (22nd) but… oh well. So here goes, I hope these say something to you as well:

1. Don’t be afraid to accept the ‘Happy’ life offers.

2. Everything in life is equally important; taking the perfect picture, wearing the right dress, attending a concert or a show, getting excited at the prospect o meeting a celebrity, going to work, going to class, helping someone, hanging out with friends…Don’t live like you’re too good to live. (I hope this makes sense to you)

3.Perspectives are very important; things are only as good or bad as I accept them to be. I have to be willing to change the way I see things, and then the things I see will change

4. Life isn’t made up of bucket-lists; the absolute best moments are completely unplanned. This is how memories are made.

5. You have to first give everything over to God and then these things start to fall into place… and it cannot be halfway.

6. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; this is how you know you are living, taking chances, stretching yourself, trying new things. Mistakes help us grow. Mistakes help us do.

So, this is my new year wish for you, that you make amazingly awesome mistakes that wake you up from the inside out, that, that cause you to have that drive and excitement to want to make things better. Travel; see the world. The page has turned on the time you have left here, make sure you turn the page on your life aswell, try not to be the exact person you were on the last page.

And if I had a new year resolution, this would be it: TO BE PRESENT. EVERY TIME.

©Adeola Matemilola 2015

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2 thoughts on “New Year shenanigans

  1. I loved the closing line ‘…to be present. Every time’ – this has been my aspiration for a long time, not all of the time yet.

    And you are not alone re aversion to new year craze, but you see if you don’t respond to the endless text msgs, then another wahala explaining but I have decided to do it differently for the last few years – no generic message from me, I sent new year greetings addressing individuals incorporating issues of the day such as BH, election etc… friends still think am nuts but that was my thoughts.

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