A Professional CV writer? Aye or Nay! By Adedayo Adeyokunnu

There is no such term as the “right CV”.  A CV is only “right” if it works. If you have received phone calls or emails inviting you for interviews then your CV is probably “right”.

In my experience as a CV writer, I have seen very crappy CVs as we refer to the very badly written CVs. CVs with bad layout, curly fonts, job responsibilities not well articulated, wrong contact details, too-worded CVs etc.

When I talk to potential clients about why they need a professional to write their CVs I get asked questions like “Why do I need you to write my CV?” Truth is, anyone can write their CVs themselves but how many take time to write really good CVs. Most people go to the internet to copy CVs or even copy paste a friend’s CV and voila! They have a CV.

Here are some things you should think about, if any resonates with you then you might need a professional CV writer:

Your CV does not seem to be working. You don’t get called for interviews. You send tens of CVs every day and you have not gotten one interview yet. Your CV might need to be professionally worked on. Sometimes it’s not the witches in your village that are after you, your CV isn’t just well written enough to do what it’s supposed to do.

Your CV is full of grammatical errors or spelling mistakes, your CV has lots of white space or does not clearly tell your work experience or competencies…then you should consider hiring a professional CV writer.

If you want to change career path, or you want to get back to paid employment after a long time away, you might want to consider hiring a professional CV writer to help you write your CV in a way that effectively shows your skills and experience.

If by looking at the first page of your CV, I can’t tell the kind of job/role you want, then talking to a CV expert might just be what you need. If you have gaps in your work history, or you have filled a number of roles in too short a time and you worry that your CV will depict you in the wrong light then talking to a professional CV writer might just be helpful.

Imagine you are the recruiter or hiring manager, take a look at your own CV for about 10 seconds and ask yourself this question “If there were a thousand people applying for this role I am applying for, and I come across my own CV, would I call me for an interview?” If you stutter to answer or your answer is plain NO, You should talk to a professional CV writer.

CV writers are experienced with key words, so they help translate your CV to the marketing tool that it’s supposed to be. Many job-seekers have trouble highlighting their competencies or just have not taken time to think through their skills. Talking to a CV writer can help you identify some of these skills.

A third-party individual like a professional CV writer is more likely to look at your professional experience, education and achievements impartially and understand which ones will most impress a hiring manager.

Someone asked me a while back. “Why should I hire you to write my CV? ” and I answered by saying “If you can hire an accountant to tidy your accounting books because it’s not your strong point why won’t you hire me to write your CV?” Trust me when I say this; Many employers/recruiters actually like the idea because it makes your CV very readable and it makes their jobs easier.

If your CV works or you have gotten interviews then you probably don’t need a CV writer. CV writing services isn’t for everyone. The point of seeking professional help is to change something that does not work. If a year of sending CVs out didn’t get you any interviews, then you should try something different this year. Most CV writers around charge fairly and if you are still not sure if your CV needs a professional writer, you can ask that your CV be reviewed or appraised – it’s usually free to review.

Talking to a professional to help you with your CV or cover letter will give you an advantage in your job search process. Remember that engaging a CV writer doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility of tailoring your CV to fit the role you are applying for every time you send out job applications.

So are you thinking of hiring a professional CV writer yet? If yes, please visit www.editmycv.com or send an email to info@editmycv.com for details.


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