Complicated Love

They say in a relationship, the power lies with the person who cares less,
But I wonder what the point of loving would be if you can’t fully show it,
What the joy in love would be, if you have to calculate and be constantly careful how much “love” you show at any time.
Remember when we were kids? It was all so easy, wasn’t it?
You liked someone, you shared your sweets with them, you didn’t like them, you didn’t share.
And when you love anybody, it was evident in every way.
When did it all get so complicated?
Why did it all get so complicated?
When did love become synomymous with fear?
Why doesn’t love go together equally with joy and freedom anymore?

©Adeola Matemilola 2015

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2 thoughts on “Complicated Love

  1. Thank you. I agree with this a hundred percent. I am all for showing love completely when I am in love. Life is too short to be pretending not to love as much. The power lies with the person who is brave enough to be vulnerable and love completely.

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