We are the same.?

The sight of blood used to make her queasy, And then yesterday, there was a picture on Facebook of dead, mangled bodies, blood splattered everywhere, insides all out like an animal to be cleaned.

And she lingered, and looked and examined the picture, from all angles, and she didn’t feel queasy, or sick, or irritated.

She felt satisfaction.

They were Boko-haram.
They kill hundreds, and thousands of people and enjoy it and feel satisfaction.

So, is she really different from them?

Or is that the point?
Do they essentially just want to turn us all into insane blood-craving vampires? If that’s the case, then someone should tell them its done, we’re there now. We crave their blood, heads and gory insides like we crave food.
We want to dance all over their mangled, broken bodies. And we know we’ll feel no remorse.

But that isn’t right, right?

漏Adeola Matemilola 2017

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