Butterflies and aching

Today, you smiled at me and my heart stopped, I held still, couldn’t breathe, I willed time to stand still, this moment to last forever.

I tried to convince myself that it didn’t really mean anything, it was just a smile but my imagination already had us out on a first date, taking a walk on a beach, lying in the grass looking up at the stars, laughing at everything.

Last week, she told me about a boy she liked and how her heart ached that he didn’t look at her enough, that he didn’t smile at her enough.
She told me about the butterflies that had taken up permanent residence in her stomach.
How her heart ached constantly because “oh, how I need him to see me”

I had listened and smiled.

I understand it now. Because of you.

漏Adeola Matemilola 2016

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