“Happy ever after”

Perhaps our ‘happy’ exists in two beds
In two bedrooms,
In two houses,
In two cities,
In two seperate hearts,
With two seperate ‘ever-after’ heartbeats.


漏Adeola Matemilola 2016
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The voices in her head

She sits alone and suddenly laughs out loud,

We all look at her, wondering why,

She doesn’t even notice, she’s staring at her hands

When she walks along the street, there’s a constant smile on her face

Like she has a secret she wouldn’t even know how to share

She seems to be in constant conversation with the voices in her head

She never says anything but we see it all on her face

Animated as each voice gets its turn

Shy, stupid, slow… these are words we’ve used to describe her

When all’s said and done, you might say she’s crazy,
But at least she’s happy