For the days after Valentine’s

This is for those who showed the utmost love yesterday,
This is for those that bought/got chocolates and flowers and huge teddy bears,
This is for those that planned the most romantic dinners,
this is for those that treated their loved ones to massages, spa treatments, and breakfasts in bed,
This is for those that had an unforgettable day,
This is for those that felt absolutely special yesterday,
This is for those that are still in a “love coma”

But No.

Because this is really for those that don’t care about Valentine’s day,
Those people who cannot stand the pressure of the day,
Those people who are not able to live up to the perfection that they think Valentine’s is about,
Those people who would rather spend the day watching TV with a glass of wine.

And for those people who believe that Valentine’s day is really about ALL loved ones and sharing love with family and strangers,

But not really.

Because this is actually for all of us;
those who think feb 14th is a special day,
and those who think its just another day of the year,
those who love all year round
and those who love the hardest on this day.

But most importantly, this is for those who were disappointed yesterday,
Who did not spend the day the way they wanted,
Who could not spend the day with who they wanted.

Don’t you worry, tomorrow’s another day.
Love hard everyday in your own unique.


漏Adeola Matemilola 2017
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Video of the Month!!!

This video is less than 6 minutes, take the time to watch it, I assure you, it is so worth it.
This guy is so good and his message is powerful, amazing, awesome, inspirational and then some. And he presents it in such a fun way. This is the Nigeria people need to see to balance out all the negative messages out there.
(big shout out to Haywhy De Rhymer)

Please watch this… remember, less than 6 minutes.
And uumm… you’ll probably thank me for it 馃榾

Questioning what I believe

I came across a dead cat this morning, a completely headless cat, lying there by the side of the road. At first, I thought it was just a sleeping cat, it almost looked kinda peaceful, until I noticed all the blood and well, the lack of a head.
It was a good thing I hadn’t had anything to eat this morning or I might have lost my breakfast quite violently.
I was immediately struck by an image of a drunk group, in the guise of having “a good time” hunting down a cat, probably luring it to them with the promise of a pet or a cuddle, holding it down, cutting its head off and come to think of it, were they walking around with a knife in their pocket? And what kinda knife was it?

And now to the heart of the matter, what differentiates a person who can cut off a cat’s head and leave it to rot by the side of the road from a person who does the same thing to a human being?
What sick, twisted mind would think, “hey, you know what would be fun? I think I’ll cut off a cat’s head today”
What genetic accident causes one person to be Abel and another to be Cain?
What makes one person sick at the thought or sight of something like this, and makes another person excited?
Is it that like 50% of the world is simply insane?
Or is it the other half that just don’t get it?
Maybe I’m even a little crazy for even thinking about these things.

It just makes me sad… because the very scary thought is this; isn’t it these cat killers of today that grow up to be the people killers of tomorrow?
That means there’s no end to the evil we see in the world today, a new Hitler just replaces the old one.
And this is a community of students, so there’s a very high chance that this was done by students; young people who are being trained to be “the better leaders of tomorrow”

You know what I wish?
I wish there was a reset button you could push in humans to take us back to the original good that God intended..
I also wish wishes were horses.

I’m just feeling very bummed-out today, because for the first time in a very long time, my belief about how “things will only get better” is a little shaky.
And I’m not even a cat person.
It’s just the principle of the thing.
It was a dead, headless cat.

Adeola Matemilola

To those we’ve lost, for those of us that remain

The father who was trying to make up for lost time, being the best you could be, giving the best you could, as fast as you could, we remember you.
The mother who had been away for far too long, and came back eager to begin again, only to be taken away for good, we love you still.
The daughter who had barely started living, there were great plans. Jesus probably wanted you to keep that first kiss for him. We couldn’t forget you if we tried.

It’s worst when they are taken away from us so suddenly, we can’t seem to comprehend what’s happening.
We are then left with wishes; that we had hugged them tighter, that we had said we loved them more, that we had taken more pictures , that we had enjoyed the little things more… and everything we had just doesn’t seem enough

God knows best.
The bible says “all things work together for good…”

I wish I could do more for you, I wish I could promise that the pain will go away, but I cannot promise that
I can promise that the pain will get easier to live with
I can promise that you will laugh again
I can promise that you will do the things you used to do together and enjoy it, even though you might miss them just a little bit more just then
And most of all, I promise, even though its probably almost impossible to see right now, it will be fine.

This is first, for one of my best friends Yewande, I love you.
I know it’s nothing compared, but I hope you find solace in the good times.
He will always be a part of you, and I’m sure he loved you more than he was ever able to show.

Adeola Matemilola