I Love you, I Don’t.

Last night, I learnt two things about you.

One, I will always love you;
Even though you’ve broken me down again and again,
Stomped on my heart, used it as a Frisbee, throwing it and not caring where it lands or who catches it,
Acting like my heart was nothing,
Like my love meant nothing.

Two, you are selfish;
I gave you everything,
You gave me almost nothing,
Taking me for granted in every way possible but I couldn’t see it,
You twisted and turned me,
Your problems were our problems.
My problems were silly.

I loved you…You know I did.
Maybe it was too much,
Maybe my love was too strong,
Maybe you knew you didn’t deserve it.

I probably will always love you
but you no longer have that hold on me.

Actually, No.
I won’t always love you.
I no longer love you.


漏Adeola Matemilola 2017

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24 Years Old

The next time I saw love, I was 24 years old
We hugged and our bodies didn’t quite fit
We tried to hold hands but our fingers got in the way and it just didn’t feel right
He seemed so familiar and yet so unfamiliar
He wasn’t what I had seen in my dreams
He wasn’t like I imagined he would be

He told me 鈥渢his is Sarah鈥, his brown eyes shining bright as he looked at her

He handed me a piece of paper 鈥渒eep in touch?鈥
Looking down at his phone number scribbled on that piece of paper, I grinned 鈥測es鈥
He had a new best friend now.
He was 24 years old.

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