I Love you, I Don’t.

Last night, I learnt two things about you.

One, I will always love you;
Even though you’ve broken me down again and again,
Stomped on my heart, used it as a Frisbee, throwing it and not caring where it lands or who catches it,
Acting like my heart was nothing,
Like my love meant nothing.

Two, you are selfish;
I gave you everything,
You gave me almost nothing,
Taking me for granted in every way possible but I couldn’t see it,
You twisted and turned me,
Your problems were our problems.
My problems were silly.

I loved you…You know I did.
Maybe it was too much,
Maybe my love was too strong,
Maybe you knew you didn’t deserve it.

I probably will always love you
but you no longer have that hold on me.

Actually, No.
I won’t always love you.
I no longer love you.


©Adeola Matemilola 2017

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Have you ever been in love?

Have you ever been in love?
Now that was a trick question, and it’s unfortunate that so many of you fell for it and immediately started considering one single obvious angle to that question.

Consider these;
Have you ever had the window seat on an airplane and just stared out thinking how beautiful and wondrous it all is?
Have you ever sat on a balcony or stared out your window at a sunrise or sunset and felt your heart do a wonderful little dance in your chest?
Have you gazed at the sky at night wondering what the starts and the moon and the galaxies up there are doing for fun?
Have you ever been addicted to apples, coca-cola or something and you just had to have it everyday and always when that time approaches for you to have it, you feel a little light come on and you’re just inexplicably happy?
Have you ever seen a baby or a puppy or a kitten and just felt like you could hold one forever?
Have you ever done something for another person without expecting anything in return but you feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they smile at you and you see their eyes twinkle?

Love is not a function of how many “lovers” we’ve had but human beings have succeeded in making something that should be so simple, so complex.

We feel love when we gaze at a sunset, rescue a cat stuck up in a tree, feed that puppy looking up at us with pleading eyes at an outdoor restaurant, hear the unrestrained laughter of a baby, feel joy when we are about to eat a favorite food or visit a favorite friend; hang out with friends and have such a good time, we can’t imagine it getting any better…

Love is not contained in just what we feel for “the one”.

Love is actually all around us.