For the days after Valentine’s

This is for those who showed the utmost love yesterday,
This is for those that bought/got chocolates and flowers and huge teddy bears,
This is for those that planned the most romantic dinners,
this is for those that treated their loved ones to massages, spa treatments, and breakfasts in bed,
This is for those that had an unforgettable day,
This is for those that felt absolutely special yesterday,
This is for those that are still in a “love coma”

But No.

Because this is really for those that don’t care about Valentine’s day,
Those people who cannot stand the pressure of the day,
Those people who are not able to live up to the perfection that they think Valentine’s is about,
Those people who would rather spend the day watching TV with a glass of wine.

And for those people who believe that Valentine’s day is really about ALL loved ones and sharing love with family and strangers,

But not really.

Because this is actually for all of us;
those who think feb 14th is a special day,
and those who think its just another day of the year,
those who love all year round
and those who love the hardest on this day.

But most importantly, this is for those who were disappointed yesterday,
Who did not spend the day the way they wanted,
Who could not spend the day with who they wanted.

Don’t you worry, tomorrow’s another day.
Love hard everyday in your own unique.


漏Adeola Matemilola 2017
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My Lucky Valentine


“Stay, little Valentine, stay
Stay, stay, yeah yeah
Each day is Valentine’s
Each day is Valentine’s Day”

I know today is only the 5th of February, but I don’t see any reason to wait because I’m in a hurry to let you know…things
Like how it feels when you say my name so softly as if it was meant for your lips alone
Like how your smile brightens my world from the inside out
Like how with you, rainy days and sunny days all run together making for that perfect in-between weather
Like how when we laugh together, it feels…(dang it, I don’t have a word for it)
Like how I watch you sometimes when you don’t know it and thank God that he created you for me

Why wait until the 14th when Cupid will probably have his hands full?
Why wait to tell you that the love we share is a precious gift to me each and every day?
What better time than now to ask you;
Do you kiss your mother on the cheek and tell her you love her?
Do you remember the last time you read your bible?
Are you on a first-name basis with God?
Do you know how to cry?
Do you promise to listen and understand when I tell you that I’m emotional?
Do you promise not to hurt me? And if you do, do you promise to afterwards wipe away my tears as best as you can?

I want you to know me like water knows the inside of a bottle
I want to teach you the difference between forever and eternity
I want our first kiss to be on a bridge during a sunset 馃檪
I want to teach your heart that the safest place on earth is with me
I want to teach you the true definition of love; vulnerable, kind, hopeful, gentle…not perfect but Perfect.
I want you to kiss me on the forehead and whisper “Happy Valentine’s day” everyday for eternity.